Arbeitsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Freizeit auf dem Lande e.V. Niedersachsen

(Rural leisure association Niedersachsen)

The association is a cooperation of 400 farmers with holiday facilities in the federal state Niedersachsen in Germany. Main task of the association is touristic marketing and information dissemination on internet and in print. The association has therefore developed an internet based reservation and booking portal. The association works together for conservation of natural and cultural heritage in the rural area.

Bauernhofferein is one of the developers of the new portal The 400 members of the association have to be moved to the new portal. Courses, workshops and individual coaching practices will be developed for the transition of all the 400 members to the new portal. Peer learning principles will be applied. 

Corporative Website: and 
Address: Lindhooper Str. 63 - 27283 Verden
Name: Elke Boggasch, Irmgard Starmann
E-mail contact: