CSI-Piemonte was founded in 1977 with the aim of promoting the modernization of local administrations by using the most advanced information and IT-based tools to create information services and systems. CSI is a public consortium grouping a large number of Public Administration. Creating innovative public services to make life simpler for citizens and businesses, and streamline their dealings with public administration. This is the mission of CSI-Piemonte a leading ICT company serving all segments of the public sector – from cultural heritage to administrative systems, health care, tourism, local services, training and employment.

CSI Piemonte coordinates the activities aimed at demonstrating the sustainability and transferability of the identified good practices, through a pilot action able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the selected measures to be reported in the final implementation plans of the project partners.


Corporative Website: http://www.csipiemonte.it/en/
Address: Corso Unione Sovietica 216, 10134 Torino (Italy)
Name: Andrea Muraca
E-mail contact: andrea.muraca@csi.it