CYBERMASSIF (Clermont Ferrand - France)

Cybermassif is an association founded by public and private organizations involved in the implementation of technological resource centres.

Cybermassif objective to deploy and animate resource centres dedicated to ICTs and spread information across four regions of the Massif Central : Auvergne, Bourgogne, Limousin and Languedoc‐Roussillon. The vocation of the network is to help enterprises and project leaders, from every sector and of every size, in the implementation of their projects linked to computer sciences: the Internet and ICTs.

Cybermassif as partner of the project will participate in all the actions and the meetings dedicated to this project.

As our vocation is to encourage companies to use digital technologies, we give to this european partnership our skills and our ICTs' methodological tools to work in an effective way. Cybermassif will host in September 2012 a workshop dedicated to the improvement of the tourism operators and SMEs' ICT skills in remote area. 


Corporative Website:
Address: 10 alllée Evariste Galois 63000 Clermont Ferrand - France
Name: Hélène Ribeaudeau
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