Metropoli – Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence

Metropoli is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and Member of Enterprise Europe Network that supports the start up, the development and the international expansion of  Florentine companies. It was set up in 1991 to support companies in the process of expansion into foreign markets. Over the years though it has become a real Business Development Agency for small and medium size Florentine companies. High added value services are especially a focus on provide tailored-made assistance to enterprises in three main sectors: start up, internationalization and attraction of investment. The internationalization activities are sustained through a network of international branch offices located in strategic market places such as: Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Mexico City, San Paolo of Brazil and Lima. Since 2001 is also a Business Innovation Centre, disseminates the culture of enterprise, orienting and assisting - through its New Businesses Service registering an average 900 users a year - the aspiring or neo-entrepreneur in the initial phases of business activity, and supports small and medium-sized enterprises already in existence in updating and innovating their business.

As Partner of this project, Metropoli will contribute mainly to the dissemination of DANTE results through the DG ENTERPRISE network. Moreover, it will contribute to raise awareness on ICT tools, by involving the mountainous territory of the province of Florence. In particular, Metropoli will develop visibility actions in order to build up a network of relations with DANTE Partners and also in order to create a mountainous touristic system based on innovation.


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Address: Via Castello d’Altafronte n. 11 – 50122 Firenze
Name: Sabrina Montaguti
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