The Foundation aims to contribute to the social and economic exploitation of the Science and Technology, to support and promote of scientific and technological development and its management, to make better use of the research and innovation, and encourage the participation of civil society mobilizing its resources.

The new FUNDECYT-PCTEX structure will generate positive synergies with a direct impact not only economical, which will be quantified in synergies and a multiplication of the capacity for managing projects and rendering quality services to companies in Extremadura. FUNDECYT-PCTEx will combine all the positive of both entities, with a great capacity to generate projects attracting European funds and technology-based companies to the region leading the change in the productive model of Extremadura.

Our experience in ICT project at regional, national and international level allow us to share some ICT project related with tourism and support to Euromontana in the C2 of the project (Communication and Dissemination).

Corporative Site:
Address: Avda. de Elvas s/n, Campus Universitario, Edificio Parque Científico Tecnológico,Badajoz (Spain)
Name: Mr. Carlos Cabo
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