The Kick-off meeting of DANTE Project was held in Torino, the last February 16th and 17th.

The Meeting was held in Sala dei Consiglieri, Palazzo Cisterna, in the Province of Torino.

The welcome of the meeting, in charge of Mr. Ugo Perone (Counsellor of Tourism and Cultural Policies of the Province of Torino) introduced the discussion by talking about the importance of tourism in the Province of Turin.

Eleven Partners attended the meeting where the structure of the project was defined. The Lead Partner (Province of Torino) presented the rules of procedures and the justification process, and the Lead partner of the communication component described the action lines and the communication tools to be used during the whole of the project.

DANTE project wants to connect with other INTERREG IVC projects on the theme of technological innovation in tourism. For this reason, the I-SPEED project, coordinated by the City of Venice was invited in order to create synergies with the project Dante and the resulting benefits.