The ICT tools at the support of tourims development

The DANTE partnership met on 22-23 May in Torino, Italy, in the framework of a workshop organised jointly by the Province of Torino, which has an important and dynamic mountain territory and CSI Piemonte, the agency for ICT and innovation of public administrations in Piedmont, both partners in DANTE. 
The aim of the workshop was to present to the rest of consortium the variety of technological tools and software created for public actors and private businesses around Italy and to reflect at the transferability of these initiatives in the pilot action that the project will create. Also, further transfer of these initiatives to other project partners was addressed. Partners came from Crete, Poland, Slovenia, France, Germany and Spain to participate. 

The tools that create the future of rural tourims

After one entire morning of software’s and website’s discovery, we have no doubts: Piedmont is a front runner in the communication on-line of its cultural heritage, natural sites and leisure offers!
Scan it and judge it!
Just to give some examples, we can cite the Mobile Tag System for the promotion of the alpine stations, software that gives instant information about what to do outdoors, be it information about a museum, a restaurant or leisure facility. It uses the technology of scanning QR codes when connected at the internet, this permitting the user to get access to the world users’ comments and recommendations. For more information about this initiative, you can consult DANTE Good Practice Guide.
Digital maps and journey planner
Hiking 2.0 is the Piedmont’s hiking heritage network, an initiative of digitalization of hiking maps. In order to attract more young people in the mountains, to improve the communication about hiking opportunities and facilitate the preparation of hikers ahead of their journeys, the Piedmont region has digitized all tourist routes available on its territory. Prior to scanning the different routes available, a large inventory work has been done. Thus, the tourism stakeholders could update all their maps, be it in a paper or electronic format. To see the detailed presentation of this initiative, click here. To access directly to the maps in GIS format, click here.
Inform better is preventing and ensuring the success of a trip
Meteo vetta is an on-line service at the destination of hikers, skiers and mountain lovers, aiming at providing high quality services connected with safety and knowledge of elements that cause the risk in mountain. The service is provided by ARPA, the regional agency for environmental protection and offers on-time information about weather forecast, weather maps and snow coverage, as well as real-time videos from the 52 alpine locations, where ARPA has cameras. (link)

Net sentiment is a platform able to listen the on-line discussions mentioning a place or a event or activity and depending on opinions mentioned on-line, to rate the location. The idea was “to listen to the users’ needs” in order to find out whether new technological solutions bring along an added value to the business. Such sources of information can be collected and analysed on a regular basis, setting up a so called “Listening Platform” that is summarized in the picture above. 


For more information about how does it works, you can download the presentation done in Torino (link). 

The net sentiment and the tagging system are two components of the big pilot website to be produced in the framework of DANTE. More information about it will be given in the mid-term conference of the project to be held in Torino, on 1-2 October 2013. This event is open to the public so SAVE THE DATE!