Manifesto for the High Speed Broadband in rural areas is officially launched
The objective of our DANTE project is to improve the effectiveness of regional policies in the area of innovation by enhancing the role of ICT in tourism industry in rural and mountain areas. To allow it, the access to High Speed Broadband in rural and mountain areas is really important.

On 22nd January 2014, the ENGAGE manifesto for High Speed Broadband in rural areas was officially launched in Brussels. This INTERREG projects aims to raise awareness about the crucial need of having high speed broadband, especially in rural areas.

The 10 points of the manifesto are the following:

  1. Digital Infrastructure for European Competitiveness.
  2. High Speed Broadband is an Essential Utility.
  3. Financial instruments.
  4. Public Investment Plays a Vital Role.
  5. Open Access Networks are the Way Forward.
  6. Regulate to Support Equity Between Urban and Rural Areas.
  7. Fibre First
  8. Manage the Transition from Copper to Fibre.
  9. The Role of Local Authorities Should be Strengthened.
  10.  Knowledge Transfer, Piloting and Applied Research.

Please click here to see the whole manifesto and to support it.

In addition, this project aims to develop a European Rural Internet platform of local authorities; a European Rural Internet Observatory and a European Rural Internet Task Force.

Finally in order to concretely show experiences in the day to day life of the citizens of how HSB is a vital need for rural areas, the ENGAGE project has made a video: http://www.engage-interreg.eu/mediagalleries/104-hsb-for