FUNDECYT organized during the last 7th and 8th of November the fourth Workshop of the DANTE project in Badajoz (Spain)

The General Director of Tourism of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Ms. Elisa Cruz, and the General Director of FUNDECYT, Mr. Victor Píriz opened the 4th Workshop of this project, directed towards the integration of the ICT in the Tourism sector.

During the Workshop, several experiences carried out in the Region of Extremadura were presented to the DANTE's partnership. These experiences were structured according the Seven Travel Planning Steps: Inspiration, Research, Planning, Validating, Booking, Travel and Sharing.

Some of these projects are focused on the creation of inspiration to the tourists about the tourism destination as the project Badajoz360º (http://360.turismobadajoz.es) or veryconocer (http://www.veryconocerextremadura.es). Other projects are directed towards the internal management of tourism establishment during the process of creation tourism packages or the analysis of the online reputation as Oraquo (www.oteara.com).

FUNDECYT (www.fundecyt.es) is participating in other projects related to Tourism due to this sector is crucial to this Region. ROUTE 2.0 (www.route-20.eu) has the objective of implementing communication strategies and marketing 2.0 to the European companies related to tourism sector. Sostur (www.sostur.es) is fostering the sustainability of tourist companies in rural areas.

For more information:

- On the DANTE project: http://danteproject.eu; www.facebook.com/DanteProject

- On the activities of Fundecyt: www.fundecyt.es