The Project

DANTE (Digital Agenda for New Tourism Approach in European Rural and Mountain Areas) is a project included INTERREG IVC Programme, Priority 1 Innovation and the knowledge economy and sub-theme “Information Society”.

DANTE focuses on the theme of Information Society applied to the tourism policy agenda of regional and local governments in Europe, with a particular focus on rural and mountain destinations. As stated in EC Communication (COM 2010-352 final)

The DANTE network will optimize nine innovative good practices already existing at regional level, demonstrating the benefits of Information Society for the competitiveness of the tourism sector in disadvantaged areas. DANTE will promote a knowledge sharing process that will:

- Exchange the knowledge gained by more advanced regions in the development of regional ICT projects for rural and mountain areas through learning instruments dedicated to the consortium.
- Support eight European Regional and Local Governments and Agencies to define an effective plan able to address the challenges of the tourism economy in their rural and mountain areas, thanks to the adoption of ICT tools and methodologies.
- Demonstrate the feasibility of the transfer process, through a light pilot action in a rural or mountain area, able to support the regional and local authorities in the design of their strategies, thus ensuring the sustainability of the eight implementation plans.
- Spread the benefits achieved among the consortium to external organisations, by addressing all the relevant stakeholders in Europe, from the policy and decision makers to the tourism operators and the mountain and rural associations.